MTD Goals


  • As always, our goal of 100% customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • 100% digital customer interaction alternative in development.
  • Lean Manufacturing is a manufacturing philosophy which shortens the time between
    the customer order and the product build/shipment by eliminating sources of waste
    without compromising the integrity of a quality part.
    This is Middleville Tool & Dies' commitment and 5 year plan.
    These are the key elements in order to achieve our goals:
  5 Year Manufacturing Plan
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • 5S and Visual Controls
  • Teambuilding and Problem Solving
  • Quick Changeovers (SMED)
  • Pull Scheduling
  • Level Mixed Mode Production
  • Standard Work Method and Line Blancing
  • Productive / Preventative Maintenance
  • Quality Controlled at the Source
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Cellular Plant Layouts


"Over the past several years, the ability of Middleville Tool to
provide maximum value, service, and innovation, based on the same
ethical principles that we provide to, and expect from our customers,
has contributed to the success of our company becoming a full
service provider in our industry."
Ben T. Slenk
Trans-Matic Mfg. Co.


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